Best helpful tips for Foreigners visiting Indonesia

Kehidupan di perantauan6 Desember 2022

Are you a tourist enjoying a great tourist destination in Indonesia? Are you an expat working in Indonesia? Well, there are things that you need to know to get around the city you are currently in. In this article, you will be informed of things to do if you are on a first-time visa or first-time in Indonesia.

Make some advanced research

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If you’re going to Indonesia as a tourist or an Expat, you need to ensure all your traveling documents like passports are in order and the applicable visa to support your travel plans is met. It is best advised to do some research and learn basic cultural background checks of Indonesia. This way you will have an idea of the do’s and the don’t if you visit the country.

As a predominantly Muslim country, Indonesia has harsh penalties for trafficking Illegal substances.  Gambling is also not allowed in the country.  For additional information regarding traveling in Indonesia, please look out at the Indonesia Travel Board website.

Purchasing SIM cards and understanding the functions

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Once a foreigner completes all immigration requirements, they’re now ready to begin their journey. Before you do, it’s the best advice to purchase a local SIM card available at the airport. You will have a lot of choices with different providers available. Choose the one applicable to your traveling duration and requirements.  No worries if the sim load runs out as top-up stations are readily available all over the country. For longer stay duration foreigners, it is best practice to purchase post-payment cards. It would be more convenient for you as you would not need to top-up for continuous usage with more functions available for you. You can ask your company/employer representative to assist you with the purchase.

Upon purchase of the suitable sim card, you will need to have it registered. Sales personnel in the SIM card booth will gladly assist you in the registration process. For additional information regarding the registration, you can look it out on the communication and information ministry website.

Traveling around the city

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There are various transportation services available in the city for a foreigner to use for traveling. Taxis are readily available in big cities. I suggest using Bluebird Taxis as they have been in the industry for some time. Traditional transport services like becak (bicycle/motorcycle cabs) are also available mostly in the smaller suburban areas.

As technology progresses, hailing apps are also readily available for download on your smartphone. Thank God for the SIM cards. Hailing apps in Indonesia are quite famous with a lot of users. You can hail a car or motorcycle in the app. In tourist destination areas, a lot of them can speak a bit of English. Not only for hailing services, but you can also use this app for food delivery.

Despite being a famous and widely used hailing app, a basic understanding of safety measures is important for security measures. It is the best advice to avoid using hailing apps during late-night periods. Make sure the driver’s name, picture, and car plate number coincide with what is registered in the app. It is widely suggested to cancel the hailed car/motorcycle if the actual information does not match what is registered in the app.

The suggested app to download is GRAB or GOJEK. Go to their respective website to learn more.

Available Financial services in Indonesia.

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Many transactions in Indonesia still use cash/rupiah payments, so make sure to have ample supply when you go around. There are money changers available around the city if you need to exchange your home country’s currencies. Be mindful of the rates and fees to maximize your transactions. If you are using a Dollar to exchange for a rupiah. Make sure your cash is in good condition with no damage or crumpled. Most exchangers might reject, or rates are reduced if your cash is not in good condition.

You can use ATMs for cash withdrawals on your Visa or MasterCard. Most ATMs accept the transaction, yet they still advise you to be mindful of the rates and fees.

Thou majority of the tourist spots or big city centers are safe; one cannot be too complacent. Being alert is also required. It is the best advice not to do transactions at nighttime and suggests not bringing too much cash when traveling. Just carry enough to complete your daily travel. For ATMs, it would be wise to use the ones in the mall or in the bank branch itself.  Always be wary of the surroundings to ensure safety.

So, you understand and do’s and don’ts in Indonesia. You have an idea of the services that you may need to use in your travel plans. Then go ahead and visit Indonesia. I’m sure you will have a memorable experience. Can’t wait to see you all!