The best information on where Expatriate lives in Surabaya

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icon statue of Surabaya city

Have you heard about Surabaya? It’s a city located in the eastern part of Java Island and is known to be the 2nd largest populated city in Indonesia. A progressive metropolitan and is a trading center hub. With an ever-progressing economy with a relatively cheaper cost of living compared to Jakarta. As Surabaya’s economy continuously grows it attracts a lot of foreigners as professionals or investors to live and work in Surabaya.

In this article, we would like to provide some guidance for foreigners planning to live in Surabaya. Information like places to live, things to do, and other services that you may need to use when an expat/foreigner starts to move in.

Places to live in Surabaya

With the fast-paced development of real estate and other amenities, west Surabaya emerges as the top choice for an expat to live. One of the well-respected developers in the area, Citraland is a housing complex themed as the ‘’Singapore of Surabaya”’ as a Merlion statue was built in the area. Also located in the area, Gwalk is the center for most of the cafes, restaurants, in other culinary destinations. A great hangout for the family. To complete the amenities, several schools and places of worship are also located in the area. House rents range from 50 – 150 million rupiah per year.

Along the stretch of Darmo Harapan West Surabaya, you can find several real estate developments like townhouses and a low-rise apartment complex. They are the Graha residence, the Graha family, and Bukit Darmo golf. With a location relatively far from the main roads and relatively quiet with less traffic congestion, this housing complex makes it a great attraction for Expats in Surabaya. The townhouses rent ranges from 50 – 130 million per year while low-rise apartments will cost about 50 – 100 million rupiah per year

Another famous place to live from a well-known property developer in Surabaya, Pakuwon group is Pakuwon city. Located in the eastern part of Surabaya. It has several housing clusters and a high-rise apartment. Its proximity to the coastal part of Surabaya provides a spectacular sunset view for its residents. Its strategic location provides road access to the main city and directly to the airport. A clear attraction for expats. Housing cluster rents may cost around 50 to 100 million per year while apartment rents will range from around 40 to 80 million per year.

Available Sporting Recreations in Surabaya.

A tiring week in the office. You may want to have some recreation and it so happens you’re a golf lover. Then living in Surabaya is the right choice for you. Surabaya is home to several golf courses that you can choose from. If you happen to live in West Surabaya, you can look up Bukit Darmo Golf Resort, Golf Graha Famili and Country Club, and Pakuwon Golf and Family Club. You can also try Ciputra Golf Club

An expat bringing his children to Surabaya, no problem, there is something for them too. Surabaya Zoo could be a good place for your family. You can also go for a 1-hour drive to Taman Safari. If you long for water sports and leisure, Ciputra Waterpark in Citraland is the best place for you.

Education centers in Surabaya

Like other metropolitan cities in Indonesia, Surabaya has a complete educational center to meet Expats’ children’s education requirements. The first stop is an International Baccalaureate school, Sekolah Ciputra Surabaya, It provides educational requirements for playgroups, and elementary and High School level, students. The school has expat teachers working together with capable bilingual local teachers. It has a balanced and broad curriculum to support the cognitive and emotional development of students. Facilities are complete to support the educational growth of its students

Another school that can be considered is Surabaya Intercultural School.  Established in 1971 with the assistance of the American Consular and is located in the western part of Surabaya. It has an international baccalaureate curriculum with local and expat teachers. It has complete sporting facilities and laboratories to help students progress in their studies. Classes are open from kindergarten to high school.

You can also consider Sampoerna Academy located in one of the famous housing complexes in West Surabaya. Almost all major cities in Indonesia have 1 of these schools. It uses American Base STEAM as a curriculum. Most of the students are groomed as someone being highly technical due to their in-house curriculum.

Shopping Malls in Surabaya.

Surabaya is famous for its huge malls scattered all over the city.  Most have complete facilities from local to imported brands shops. With huge cinemas with numerous culinary treats, walking around the malls makes you lose track of time.

Have you heard of Pakuwon Mall? Not only expats but a lot of the Surabaya population go to this mall. It’s the biggest mall in Indonesia. A complete shopping and entertainment mall located in West Surabaya. Apart from the common amenities found in the mall, it has a convention center, ballroom, and atrium for various live events and gatherings. It’s also a big super block as hotels and apartments are located along the area. Such as a nice place to hang out.

Next will be Tunjungan Plaza. One of the oldest retail malls in Surabaya but continuously upgrading and is now the second biggest mall in Surabaya. Strategically located in the downtown center of Surabaya. It’s surrounded by several luxurious hotels and office buildings. You can find local and imported retail shops inside the mall. International food cuisine is also available to feed those hungry bellies. A true one-stop shopping mall in Surabaya.

There are so many other things to do in Surabaya. A true fun city complete with all amenities for you. I guarantee you will find Surabaya a city that fits your lifestyle as you stay longer in the city. So, what are you waiting for? Book what flight to Surabaya and see you there.