Best places to live for Expat in Jakarta

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JAKARTA, INDONESIA  The National Monument is a 132m tower in the center of Merdeka Square, Jakarta, symbolizing the fight 
for Indonesia.

Jakarta is the capital and the central business hub of Indonesia. Located on the most populous island of Indonesia, Java Island. Being one of the busiest gateways in Indonesia, it attracts a lot of foreigners engaging in business or working as expats/professionals in Jakarta.  This megapolitan city from the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Jakarta has been attracting foreigners either engaged in business or working as an expat for so many years.

As a continuously progressing and growing province.  A bustling, vibrant, and complex city to live in. Being in the most densely populated city, contending with traffic jams is a part of daily life in Jakarta.

In this article, we would like to share the best and expats/foreigners friendly areas to stay in either for the long or short term in Jakarta. Information will include nearby business or leisure areas, schools, and hospitals. The rental rates are included too for landed houses or apartments.


Also known as Mega Kuningan, it is derived from one of the cities in West Java name Kuningan. It’s a commercial and residential district located in South Jakarta. It’s strategically located near the Jakarta business district. Several embassies are also located in the area. With several international schools and hospitals in the area. One Jakarta famous mall grand Indonesia is just 17 to 20 minutes away.

Kuningan’s strategic location and its one-stop living concept make it expat friendly residence. Rental rates for a housing complex in this area range from 250 – 300 million rupiah annually. Mixed-used apartment rates range from 8 to 10 million per month.


Menteng is a type of tree with abundance in this area hence Menteng. Transformed it into one of the busiest commercial and residential areas in South Jakarta. Similar to Kuninganm several embassies are also located in this area. Former US President Barrack Obama uses to live in Menteng

With a few minutes away from famous malls like Plaza Indonesia and Sarinah. A lot of restaurants can also be found in the area. Several schools like Jakarta International College are located in the area.

As one of the Expat friendly locations in Jakarta, there will be a lot of things to do and places to go in Menteng. Expect to spend about 120 – 240 million rupiah a year on apartment residents and 300 – 500 million a year on landed property.


Similar to Menteng, Kemang used to be a plantation area with the majority of Kemang trees planted in the area, Fast forward to today, it is now a commercial and residential area targeted by a lot of expats living and working in Jakarta.

Similar to other expat-friendly places, Kemang has transformed into a one-stop living place with a lot of dining, and cafes mushrooming in the area. Have you heard about Nusa Indonesia Gastronomy? It’s located in Kemang.

You can go to Lippo Mall if there’s a sudden urge to go to Mall along the area. You can look into New Zealand School or Australian Independent International school if an Expat plans for an International educational provider in the area.

Living in an apartment in the area will require you to spend a hefty amount of about 7 to 25 million rupiahs per month or 400 to 600 million a year on landed property.  

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is 3 location points namely Jalan Thamrin Sudirman, Gatot Subroto, and Rasun Said. Most of the top companies both local and overseas established their offices in this area. This is the central business hub in Jakarta/Indonesia. Most of Jakarta’s skyscrapers for office complexes are located in this area.

Several 5-star hotels like Ritz Carlton is the area. A great and hip place to hang out, Pacific Place is just around the corner.

As a business district, high-rise apartments are commonplace to rent live in this area. You will need to prepare about 300 – 600 million a year for renting apartments in the area.

Kelapa Gading

The name Kelapa Gading also originated in a tree type indigenous in the area. Just like the transformation that happened in the other areas of Jakarta. Kelapa Gading is now a business area located in North Jakarta. Famous as a culinary destination most expat now enjoys. Multi-ethnic cuisine both locally and overseas was established in the area. If you are going to a shopping center or mall, then Kelapa Gading Mall is the place for you.

Kelapa Gading is considered a more family-friendly location for Expats. Schools like Beacon Academy, SIS Kelapa Gading, and North Jakarta Intercultural School. Also located in the area is Dufan. One of the biggest theme parks in Indonesia. Kelapa Gading is a truly fun area to live in.

Kelapa Gading is an ideal city for expats living along with their families. Be mindful of the daily traffic jams if the work location is in other parts of Jakarta

Despite all amenities available in the area, you can still obtain affordable house rents of about 50 million per year or 70 to 80 million rupiahs in a year.  

Once you find a suitable place for you, some household help may arise. You may need services like maids, nannies, or even drivers. We suggest that you try kasicare for assistance in searching for household help. As you progress in your knowledge of the local language, you can use conventional ways of searching for household help. You can talk to the receptionist if you live in a high-rise apartment or neighborhood satpam (security) if you live in a housing complex.

I hope this article helps you in your new chapter as a resident of Jakarta and have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. I welcome you to  Jakarta, Indonesia.